Peru: The stats

98 days in Peru (on our 100 day visa) by the numbers, for people who like that kind of thing.

  • 43 days of riding
  • 22 days of trekking (Alpamayo and day walks in the Cordillera Blanca, Huayhuash, Salkantay)
  • 33 days of chilling out and exploring
  • 2419km cycled (this is most likely more riding than the rest of Eileen’s life combined. Sadly her bike handling skills remain dubious)
  • 44,175m of ascent
  • 43,418m of descent
  • 117km: Longest day
  • 25km: Shortest day (yep, on a bike!)
  • 4996m: Max elevation on a bike (Punta Pumacocha)
  • 5053m: Max elevation on foot (Paso Jurau on the Huayhuash trek)
  • 3 bouts of gastro (Andy 2, Eileen 1)
  • 2 flat tyres (1 each)
  • 1 trail side fix of an exploded rear brake (Andy)

DSCF1174.jpg44 vertical kilometers of ascent are ‘easily’ racked up with climbs like the one in the distance carving a zigzag into the hillside. 

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